Starship Pegasus
Space. The final frontier. These are the enterprises of the Starship Voyager. Her 75 year mission, to figure out how to get the fuck back home, to explore strange worlds that are in no databanks anywhere because it’s in the Delta Fucking Quadrant, to seek out even more people in extensive makeup and odd clothes and weirdass villains you probably won’t remember except those sketchass giant grasshoppers. To boldly go where LITERALLY no one in Starfleet has gone before. —

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Title: These Days

Artist: St. Vincent

Played: 8225 times


Newly Discovered Cave Paintings Suggest Early Man Was Battling A Lot Of Inner Demons


baio’s reaction is priceless god bless him haha

Still beautiful :)

Title: We Used To Wait

Artist: The Drums

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this is literally the greatest video in the entire world


we’ll finally become david bowie


after an apparent attack by a fox, a street cat named bob was found injured and curled up in the hallway outside of a support housing flat in tottenham were james bowen, a recovering heroin addict and homeless busker, was staying. james took the cat in, got him to the rspca, and nursed him back to health using what little drug money he had for antibiotics.

but in the process, bob helped to nurse james back to health as well, giving him a reason to get up in the morning and get clean. since his recovery, bob has refused to leave james side, following him everywhere for the last six years.

thanks to a literary agent who passed him on the streets, james has since written an international bestselling book about his hardships and friendship with bob. “we’re two injured souls looking for someone we can trust,” james says. done in collaboration with the writer garry jenkins from an islington café, the book also attempts to dispel some of the social stigma that goes with homelessness.

photos by silvertony45 and analog photos

Short documentary on the Drums